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Our Products

We manufacture Pigment Phthalocyanine Green 7 for various applications like Inks, Paints, Plastics, Textiles, Rubber, Detergents, etc. We have 16 Grades for specific applications and shades. Our products have been tested in the suitability of the end applications.

Pigment Green 36 is the new Product under development and will be launched shortly.



Pigment Green 7

We offer around 17 grades of green 7 for various applications for paint, ink, plastics (master batch and fiber grade), rubber & textile applications

Pigment Green 36

Copper Phthalocyanine green 36 is a very bright tone compared to green 7 and has excellent contrast. Our product is excellent for the coating and the plastic applications

Pigment Blue 15:3 & 15:4

These are the beta form of the copper Phthalocyanine blue which are bluer compared to the 15:0 & 15:1. Like green we have products for all the applications. Blue 15:4 is excellent product for solvent based inks applications like Nitro Cellulose, Poly Amide. Poly Urethane etc.

Activated Crude

It is ball milled crude blue used as a raw material for inks. The strength is higher than crude blue with certain additional properties

Copper Sulphate

The company manufactures copper sulphate in powder form with a 24-25% copper content purity. It is used as an agricultural fertilizer and industrial processes like electro plating etc.