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Quality is not an act but a habit "
  • Manufacturers of pigment since 1989
    Manufacturers of pigment
    green 7, green 36,
    blue 15:3 and blue 15:4 since 1989
  • 30 grades of pigments
    30 grades of pigments
    to suit your exact needs
  • Pigments for publication inks
    Pigments for
    publication inks
  • Packaging and digital Inks
    Pigments for
    Packaging and digital Inks
  • Industrial and Decorative Coatings
    Pigments for
    Industrial and Decorative Coatings
  • Automobile and coil coatings
    Pigments for
    automobile and coil coatings
  • Plastic Master batches and fiber grade
    Pigments for
    Plastic Master batches
    and fiber grade
  • Pigments for textile and papere
    Pigments for
    textile and paper

Welcome to Subhasri Pigments

Subhasri is a pigment manufacturer and exporter from India. Our products are pigment green 7 and pigment blue 15.3/15.4 . Subhasri is an ISO 9001 and 14001 certified company. The phthalocyanine green & phthalocyanine blue  pigments are widely used in plastics, textiles, paints, inks and rubber industry. Our plant was established in 1989 at Ankleshwar in Gujarat. The company has a worldwide customer base in 23 countries.





Our Products

Our products have been tested in the suitability of the end applications.

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